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Slim down Feeding Diets and Antidietas

Calories Knowledge is power.


Create it!

If we throw the olive oil directly from the bottle instead of using a spoonful (around 90 Kcal), we run the risk of considerably increasing the calories of it.

In real terms, instead of eating a "salad" of only 110 calories, we will end up consuming around 300/400 Kcal.

One after another, these oversights will create a surplus of calories that will accumulate in our body in the form of stored fat.

This It is not what we want to happen, right ?.

In this case, knowing the calories of the oil and how to use it correctly, we will help us eat more adequately within our new lifestyle.

And if he has to fry? You should know that if you fry it in the oil at a very low temperature it will be absorbed in a bigger way by the frying, and all that oil, we will find it in our stomach!

This is the reason why we should know what we eat.

It is nothing too difficult, There is only to have patience and organization, especially the first days.

Everything is for our purpose: weight loss. It is not deprivation, but consciousness!

Happy Diet!


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