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Slim down Feeding Diets and Antidietas

Calories Knowledge is power.


Knowing the calories of food can help us limit the damage in those small pauses of crisis we have.

The programming of the ideal diet should aim at the long term. This means that a good diet should be used almost always, at every opportunity, it does not matter if we are on vacation, if we eat in a restaurant or if we eat because we have an anxiety attack. Diet does not mean "deprivation." It should rather coincide with a correct handling of the situation on the basis of a "knowledge" of the food ..

Awareness and knowledge of what you eat and how much you eat. Knowledge of what happens after we eat.

Simple example: Knowing the calories of food can help us limit the damage in those small pauses of crisis we have.

What is better? 2 tablespoons of Nutella? A pizza? A bread with ham? Does it satisfy me equal to all that with fewer calories?

Of course, we should not be experts, but we should know the caloric contribution of the things we eat and that we use as "refuge" when we need to calm our anxiety.

Almost all diet plans lead us to rigorously weigh all foods in order to maintain the expected range of calories.

Although this method is basically correct in terms of its validity, for many of us it is actually inapplicable most of the time. Especially for an ideal and lasting diet.

Very often, we eat away from home and therefore it is unlikely that we can take with us our ultra-modern scale, to weigh every ingredient of our 4 Seasons pizza or our cheeseburger, right?

Or maybe we just do not want to do it out of laziness or maybe because it's an activity that ultimately requires time and organization.

But the advantage is that, according to our vision, this procedure is not absolutely necessary if we follow the principles in which we believe

Knowing calories, not in exact terms, but in practical terms, is of fundamental importance for an ideal diet. This can be clearer with a simple example:

If we are about to eat a nice salad of lettuce and tomato seasoned with olive oil that will give a very rich flavor, if we are not careful when pouring the oil, that salad could be equivalent in calories to a pizza with mozzarella.

Queee ???? Whaaaat ???? A pizza???!!!


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