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Nuts: How they promote the fat burning effect in a diet

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Nuts: How they promote the fat burning effect in a diet


Effect of a base diet containing nuts with calorie control containing nuts on the oxidation of fats for 8 hours in a room with calorimeter.

Tapsell Linda, PhD, Batterham Marijka, PhD, Tan Sze-Yen, Warensjö Eva, PhD
University of Wollongong Wollongong, New South Wales AUSTRALIA

This research has aimed to know if some proportions of food macronutrients can affect the use of fats by our body.

In particular, a diet with walnuts and one with olive oil was compared.

The hypothesis is that in overweight adults, a calorie-controlled diet based on staple foods and including nuts may be advantageous in promoting greater use of our body's fat stores.


This crossed study tested the effects of energy expenditure in relation to the target diet and the oxidation of fats (the amount of body fat burned by our body) in 16 overweight individuals during a period of 8 hours.

The 2 diets included breakfast and meals during the measurement period and a dinner the night before.

It was composed of basic foods such as bread, cereals, fruits, vegetables, milk / yogurt and meat

One group was included walnuts (diet with walnuts) and the other olive oil (control diet).

In the end, there was no difference in energy and macronutrient composition of the diet in the measurement period.

The energy expenditure, respiratory quotient (CR), and macronutrient oxidation was evaluated during two 8-hour stays in a room with a calorimeter.

The results

During the 8-hour measurement period, there was no difference in energy expenditure between the two diets, but a significant difference was observed among the diets in terms of the respiratory quotient of the people.

The oxidation of carbohydrates was lower and at the same time the oxidation of fats was higher for the "victims" of the group of nuts.

Conclusion about a controlled diet that includes nuts

A diet with controlled calories and basic foods, including nuts, can be advantageous in promoting the use of body fat deposits, at least in acute conditions.

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Original version in English

The Effect of a Calorie Controlled Diet Containing Walnuts on Substrate Oxidation during 8-hours in a Room Calorimeter


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