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Fat burning foods

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Fat burning foods


When we talk about fat burning foods we must simply understand that we refer to foods that due to their particular characteristics, promote the use of fats because of an increase in metabolism.

The concept is simple. The more a food increases our metabolism, the more calories we will burn. And the more calories burned, in the presence of proper nutrition and physical movement, the body will make more use of the deposits of fat that we have accumulated in our body. Goodbye fat from the waist!

When we talk about "fat burning foods"Or" foods that burn fat "many people think instantly of exotic herbs, spicy spices or foods like chili or green tea.

And actually they have some reason to think this way.

Fat Burning Foods: Green Tea and Chili (Chili, Pepper, Paprika, Morrón, Paprika)

There are researches that have shown for example that green tea after being ingested actually increases the metabolism.

Taking 3 cups of green tea a day we increase our metabolism of 79 calories in the 24-hour arc.

A dose of hot pepper, on the other hand, would increase the metabolism of 21 calories.

Although apparently it is small amounts, once added to each other, and repeated for a certain time, they do nothing but improve our utilization of fats.

Just considering these two examples, 100 calories a day means 4 kilos less fat per year. ...... just drinking tea and eating chili.

Come where we want to go?

How much energy is needed to digest food?

Another thing to consider is the one that refers to the thermal effect of food.

While all the foods are thermogenic, research would have shown that the thermal effect of the protein is higher than all the macronutrients, requiring around 30% of the calories it contains, only for digestion and transformation.

That means that if we eat 100 calories of meat, 30 of them "evaporate on the road" to digest the 70 that remain. Carbohydrates have a thermal effect of 7% and fats of only 3%.

Role of Calcium and dairy products

Calcium in dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt acts as a fat burner and can boost weight loss by increasing the metabolism of fats in fat cells.

According to Professor Michael Zemel at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville, (Obesity Research, April 2004; vol 12, pp 582-590.) A diet rich in dairy, but calorie restricted can almost double the amount of fat loss.

According to another article published in Obesity Research, consuming 3 to 4 times a day low-fat dairy products you lose 70 percent more fat than the low diet in dairy products.


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