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How to gain weight in a healthy way

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How to gain weight in a healthy way


How to get fat: A strategy among the many

Diet, diet, diet ... for most people that is synonymous with calorie deprivation, and food limitation. 
For others it means the opposite. Put some extra kilos. The problem is how to gain weight in a healthy way

If your problem is how to get fatThere are several strategies, but we will talk about how to gain weight by analyzing the problem from two different perspectives.

The first is to gain weight and accumulate a large percentage of body fat and low muscle mass, the second is the opposite, greatly increase muscle mass and a bit that of body fat.

"Increasing muscle mass a lot" does not mean that they are going to look like those career bodybuilders. You're just going to have a better, more harmonious body.

This is a possible strategy for get fat in a healthy way.

With this strategy we will slowly gain weight, in the right way, improving our physical appearance

Before starting

  • Count the number of calories you eat on a normal day, a common day. One of those days that you repeat often. Do not change anything, just eat as you normally would and aim for each food and each quantity. At the end of the day, check how many calories you have consumed in total. This is a very important step, so try to be as accurate as possible.
  • Pesate. If possible, use a scale that measures the percentage of fat.

How to get fat: The strategy

Increase your calories ingested: The strategy assumes that you should eat more calories.

You must eat 500 calories more each day of what you currently do.

You can do it by increasing, for example, 166 calories in each meal (if you eat 3 times a day), or eating three times more in the middle of meals, or increasing a single meal of 500 calories, so that you will eat 4 times and not three.

The first option, or a mixed one between the first and the second, is easier to act, although the third is easily applicable on Saturday night, eating a bowl of popcorn watching your premiere movie.


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