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Lose weight while eating Chocolate

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Lose weight while eating Chocolate


After dealing with the walnuts and its relationship with weight loss, in this article we will explain why, following current trends, it is not a bad idea to include dark chocolate in the diet. In fact, it is possible to lose weight by eating chocolate.

And we're talking about dark chocolate, because not all chocolates are the same. Black, for us, means almost pure, at least 70%.

Black chocolate and flavonoids

Dark chocolate contains a large amount of cocoa, much more than other forms of chocolate (with milk for example).
The manufacture of standard chocolate destroys up to half of the flavonoids (important element for our speech).
So if we want the flavonoids, we have to eat dark chocolate.

When we think about this food, we usually forget that chocolate is plant derivative, as well as fruits and vegetables recommended for a healthy heart. Cocoa beans, the main ingredient in chocolate, contain relatively high levels of flavonoids.

As we can read in an article that is in Telegraph.co.uk, based on research published in the journal BMC Medicine, if you have high blood pressure, use dark chocolate can reduce the risk of a heart attack or stroke by 20 percent. This is because dark chocolate significantly lowers blood pressure in subjects with hypertension.

Flavonoids and blood pressure

The benefits are derived from chemical substances called flavonoids, which are present in large quantities in cocoa beans. A chemical reaction causes the blood vessels to dilate and the pressure to drop. The arteries that are able to dilate more have increased blood flow, and this is especially important for the heart.

This is not a new discovery, there is more research confirming this chocolate benefit, as researchers from the University Hospital of Cologne in Germany said. who confirmed in 2007 that "small amounts of dark chocolate" have effectively reduced blood pressure. "

Is not this enough to avoid banning these foods from your diet and trying to organize and follow a plan to lose weight eating chocolate?

One of the main reasons why diets and other weight loss programs do not work is because people feel deprived of the pleasure of food.

Some researchers of the University of Copenhagen They discovered that people who eat dark chocolate have less anxiety than those who ate milk chocolate.

The bitterness of dark chocolate could help the body regulate the appetite, or its greater amount of cocoa butter (which contains stearic acid, which can slow digestion) can make the stomach full for longer.

So it is possible to lose weight by eating chocolate. Or is not enough?

La fibra de cacao está vinculada a la disminución de peso. Y de esto deriva el título del articulo: “Adelgazar comiendo chocolate”. 🙂

The fiber helps block part fat absorption, as well as giving a feeling of fullness. Therefore, who eats chocolate, can lose weight and at the same time have more energy.

Do not be afraid to include chocolate in a weight loss program. In fact, we must take the opposite path ... include it!

Good chocolate!


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