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Muscle hypertrophy. bodybuilding and weight loss. The possible way.


The concept is very simple: You can make your muscles grow, get muscle building benefits and get in shape even if you are in a severe weight loss program and you are in calorie deficit.

Interesting huh?

If you have already read the vision of this website you will already know that we want to reach our desired goal: weight loss, burning body fat, increase our muscles and get fit. All this can be achieved at the same time.

Too often we read on the Internet and if we want to get better musculation we have to eat much more than our body manages to consume, since our muscles need a caloric excess to grow.

That statement is false, at least in its general sense. Let's explain why.

Our body is an almost perfect machine. Every time we ingest food, these will be metabolized and sent to the parts of the body that most need those nutritious inputs.
The body uses what it needs as energy and the rest converts it and stores it as body fat for future use.
Our body is able to convert into energy only a part of what we eat. The rest is wasted, expelled, or stored in body fat deposits.
The consumption of too many proteins means that we can not metabolize them all. Many of them will not lead to a better growth of the muscle and on the contrary they will turn into fat.
The muscle grows simply because they increase the capillaries that bring the nutritional elements, and that is achieved with exercise. Nothing has to do bombard the body with protein. These last ones - whatever their quantity - will be used to repair and build the exercised muscle.
There is a very interesting research that confirms the previous statements.

Two groups of volunteers participated in a 90-day trial and followed a very low calorie diet. The only difference between these two groups was that one of them did physical exercise for bodybuilding.

All subjects received a liquid diet for 90 days with a formula that contained only 800 kcal per day. The formula included 80 g proteins, 97 g of carbohydrates and 10 g of fat.

In addition, the percentage of nutrients was as follows:

Calories of fat = 12%
Calories of carbohydrates = 48%
Protein calories = 40%


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