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4 fundamental elements for a healthy diet

Slim down Feeding Diets and Antidietas

4 fundamental elements for a healthy diet


Being on a diet and going hungry eating lettuce is not the best option to lose weight.

It is useless to make a quick diet to lose weight and get into a nice dress to go to that wedding where you can show off if after a few weeks we will have recovered the lost weight with interest.

It would be better to forget about the short-term goals and get used to our day to day and our actions to a definitive strategy that with the right conditions, will make us live longer and with a healthy weight.

4 elements for the strategy

4 fundamental elements to lose weight are the following, ordered in terms of importance:


From here we organize our entire life and decide who is in charge in life. It is the center of the person in which you are going to decide what person you are and will be for the rest of your life. In it, reason, passions, temptations, good and bad habits converge.

And in this, habits are a fundamental element in the construction of our personality and what we are.

The intelligent man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings. Let food be your medicine.



We are what we eat. And there is not much more to say about it. The care for what goes into our stomachs is of fundamental importance to have a healthy life and achieve a healthy weight.

«El Hombre el lo que come»

Ludwig Feuerbach, German philosopher and anthropologist

Physical exercise

There are tons of articles on the net that highlight the importance of exercise in physical and mental health.
We speak for example of the normalization of glucose levels, insulin and leptin to the stimulation of the brain to multiply the neurons, to the stimulation of the cardio-circulatory system to increase the capillary network, improve sexual function, better mood, better sleep quality
Enough is enough to move us towards a happier life.

Mens sana in corpore sano

Satires of Juvenal.


The metabolism is different in each person. Sure now you will remember your friend Juan who does not get fat even if he eats a whole ox and a truck of potato chips. And you will compare it with you, that if you eat 60 grams of spaghetti, you will gain half a kilo.
La buena noticia es que un metabolismo «flojo» puede acelerarse utilizando algunos trucos que a largo plazo, nos ayudarán en nuestro camino
Examples: Drink cold water, eat spicy, consume more protein, exercise high intensity, walk more, drink green tea, coffee, sleep better. These simple habits will be our precious allies.

More muscles = Better metabolism

European Journal of Clinical Nutrition

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