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The 25 most healthy foods in a diet


The list of the 25 healthiest foods It is born because a reader asks us about a list of foods that can and can not be eaten in a healthy diet.

We propose a simple, direct and straightforward answer. On a diet, you can eat everything, taking into account that some foods are limited, while others do not have that problem.
Another thing is the "fat burning foods", Which are those that promote the use of body fat.

Our list of the 25 foods that should never be missing from your diet.

If you are interested in how we have arrived at this list, and why we have chosen those foods instead of others, after the image you will find all the explanations of the case.

Note: The most important element that should be present in the diet - rather in the life of each one - is not a food, but physical exercise Whether walking at a steady pace, climbing stairs, cleaning the house vigorously, doing work that Include muscle movement or practice some sport. And do not forget to drink water! 馃榾


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